Julie Roth - Illustration Projects

Grimm Fairytale Collection

A new series of illustrations of the Grimm Fairytales painted with Dr. Martin's ink on 11 x 17 Bristol paper. 

Crazy Canines

The Crazy Canine Series is a unique perspective view of various dogs doing what dogs do best illustrated in pen and ink.  Interested in having your own dog illustrated?  Please feel free to contact Julie for a personal commissioned piece!

National Park Poster Series

Promotional posters aimed at introducing the next generation to the great national parks through the slight suggestion of classic fairytale narratives woven into the landscape.

The power of imagination makes us infinite.”  John Muir

Phobia Series

The Illustrated Phobia Series is an A-Z study of some society's most obscure issues shown in a new light.   Each illustration is based on a "real phobia".