Julie Roth - Private Commissioned Paintings

City Girls

A pair of melded cityscapes and contemplative women.

Acrylic on Black Canvas - 48 x 24

Portrait of a Boy...

A commissioned portrait of a young boy painted in a whimsical style to capture his youthful energy.

Oil pastel, watercolor, & ink on Illustration Board - 20 x 20

Watercolor Home Paintings...

Commissioned watercolor paintings of a home in Milwaukee given as buyer/seller gifts.

Watercolor paint on watercolor paper - 10 x 8

Sicily Wedding Painting...

A commissioned oil painting of a Sicilian landscape depicting a classic outdoor wedding scene.

Oil Paint on Canvas - 60 x 36

Vintage Syracuse painting...

A watercolor painting of a vintage 1950's neighborhood in Syracuse, New York.

Watercolor Paint on Watercolor Paper - 14 x 11