Julie Roth - Client Illustration Projects

Live or Die in La Honda Movie Poster

Promo poster artwork and design for indie movie, Live or Die in La Honda.   

Photoshop & Illustrator

Tom Segura Stand-up Promo Poster

Promo poster artwork and design for live recorded stand-up comedy special with Tom Segura.   

Ink & Illustrator

Dissident Brewery Logo

Company logo and typeface design for local Wisconsin micro-brewery branding and web applications.  

Ink & Illustrator

Liquid Paddle Sports Logo

Company logo and typeface design for product and web applications.  The design centers around the hei matau symbol representing strength and safe passage. 


The Modern Day Hoarder

Commissioned Illustration depicting a vinyl junkie.  This clinet's original request was centered around a decaying man in a vintage chair, surrounded by LPs and 45s, with a turntable in the background.

India Ink

Aurelia: Edge of Darkness

Aurelia: Edge of Darkness is a steampunk fantasy web show, launched in June of 2013.  These illustrations were used as background art for interactive role-playing.

Ink & Photoshop

La Boheme

Awarded illustration for promotional advertisements; Florentine Opera Company,  Milwaukee, WI

Ink, Illustrator, & InDesign

"Big" The Musical

Illustration for promotional advertisements; First Stage Children's Theater,  Milwaukee, WI 


Wabeno, WI Town Event Banners

Illustration for promotional advertisements; Wisconsin Dual Sport Organization &  Town of Wabeno, WI